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ACANA Regionals Wild Atlantic Formula Grain Free Dry Dog Food

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Product Description

Loaded with wild-caught mackerel, herring, redfish, silver hake, and yellowtail flounder, this region-inspired food reflects New England's sustainable maritime bounty. Delivered fresh, in WholePreyâ„¢ rations so they are brimming with goodness, ACANA's rich diversity of saltwater fish mirrors your dog's evolutionary diet, nourishing peak health without long lists of synthetic supplements and additives. It is entirely free of pea or potato protein concentrates, which are often substituted for meat protein by other foods to reduce costs. Instead, ACANA derives its rich protein from premium animal ingredients that support lean muscle mass and a healthy body weight.

Carbohydrates are also limited and fast carbohydrates are replaced with low-glycemic, locally grown vegetables and fruits. This helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, reduces the potential for fat storage, and promotes overall good health. Prepared in Kentucky DogStar® kitchens from America's best and freshest ingredients, ACANA Regionals Wild Atlantic is guaranteed to keep your dog healthy, happy, and strong.

Why We Love It

  • Loaded with 70% wild-caught fish, in WholePrey ratios
  • Grain-free, carbohydrate-limited
  • Made in ACANA's own Kentucky DogStar® Kitchens in the USA

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